Duties of County Treasurer

The County Treasurer:

•Receives, accounts for, and secures monies belonging to the county
•Invests money safely to effect long-term economic prosperity which may result in reducing property taxes
•Reports all receipts to the auditor and receives an auditors certificate before depositing in county treasury
•Provides comprehensive reports to the Board of Commissioners of all monies received and disbursed
•Keeps records of receipts and expenditures from all funds and makes a monthly and quarterly settlement with the auditor
•Receives from the coroner any funds and/or property found on deceased bodies
•Receives payment for and issues pawnbroker licenses for businesses outside of the city limits

The ex-officio Tax Collector:

•Provides detailed tax information to lending institutions, title companies, realtors, accountants, taxing districts and individual taxpayers
•Mails or transmits electronically, tax notices to every taxpayer and is responsible to collect taxes on real property, manufactured homes, personal property as well as any occupancy taxes which are due
•Issues warrants of distraint for delinquent manufactured homes and personal property taxes and delivers to the county sheriff to collect
•Collects special assessments for water districts, fire protection districts, local improvement districts, county weeds, etc.
•Collects and accounts for any prepaid tax payments made by the taxpayer for future taxes.
•Notifies owners, lien holders and parties of interest before taking tax deed to real property that is three years delinquent
•Files claims with bankruptcy court on property owners who have filed bankruptcy

The Ex-officio Public Administrator:

•Takes charge of the estates of decedents for which no personal representative has been appointed, decedents with no known heirs, estates ordered into his/her hands by the court, and estates to which the State of Idaho is an heir
•Secures, inventories and liquidates the estates assets, notifies creditors and pays funeral, medical and administrative expenses of the estate accordingly
•After a final settlement of any estate, he/she must send remaining funds to the Public School Permanent Endowment Fund if there are no heirs or claimants
•Makes a report to the judge every six months on all estates which have come into his/her hands