I received TWO bills but I only have ONE property. Why?
•There are a few reasons you may receive a second bill for your parcel.

1. If you built or bought a newly constructed home that was completed midyear, you may receive a subsequent occupancy bill (sub roll). This bill will be in addition to the Real Property (land) bill already sent in November. This occupancy bill will be for the improvements made to the real property, i.e. a home. These subsequent parcel numbers will usually start with either an OC or O1. These subsequent bills are late additions to the tax roll. If you have a lender you will need to verify with them who is going to pay this bill. A copy was not sent to them. These subsequent billings (sub rolls) will notify you of their due dates.

2. If you own a business you may receive a bill for Personal Property or Transient Property tax. These parcel numbers usually starts with a PP or T1. Any personal property with a value over $100,000, will receive a bill. These bills will notify you of their due dates. Transient Property (T1) however is required to be paid in full on or before its due date.

3. On occasion, some parcels cannot be combined with your home’s parcel number. When this happens you will get a separate bill for each parcel.

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