The Gooding County Prosecuting Attorney is an elected official, whose duty is, along with his deputies, to ensure justice for the people of Gooding County and the State of Idaho. The power given to us by the people is one we try to exercise with fairness, humility and an eye toward the best interests of the County as a whole.

Our job is twofold, protect the people from criminals and ensure that criminals are held accountable for their actions. In holding people accountable, it is our hope that we can recommend sentences that not only serve to protect the people, but will help the criminal cease criminal activity and encourage others not do follow the criminal’s example.

The Prosecuting Attorney also serves as the legal advisor for all law enforcement agencies and elected officials in the County.

We strive to serve the needs of the people of Gooding County, support victims and families and hold people accountable when they commit unlawful acts. It is our goal to serve the people’s interests in a community oriented way that protects the citizenry while discouraging future crime.