Planning & Zoning

The Gooding County Planning & Zoning Department administers the county’s land use and development ordinances, which were created using the guidance of the Comprehensive Plan.

Gooding County supports a diversity of land uses, some requiring review and permitting by the Planning & Zoning Commission.

Due to the current meeting restrictions by the state, all P&Z Hearings will be conducted via Zoom.  Contact the office for detailed Zoom meeting information.   

Zoning Maps

The Official Zoning Map shows the boundaries for the Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Recreational and Transitional Zoning Districts by differentiated color blocks. The Agricultural zoning district is considered the remainder of unincorporated lands with only aerial imagery as the color (State and Federal Lands are excluded from county zoning requirements). City limits are indicated by the color black, with a dark black border for the Area of City Impact. The boundary of the Airport Overlay District is a grey oval.
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If you suspect a violation of the county's land use or building ordinances, you may provide the details by phone, mail or email to this office.  An effort will be made to protect the privacy of all parties, to the extent it is possible.