Juvenile Probation

The State of Idaho Legislative policy states the Juvenile Corrections System will be based on the Balanced Approach: Accountability, Competency Development, and Community Protection

Juvenile Corrections Act

The Department of Juvenile Justice Mission is to protect and serve the citizens of Gooding County by holding young offenders accountable for their actions through the delivery of services and sanctions in appropriate settings and by supporting youth in their communities to become productive and law-abiding citizens. 

Juvenile Corrections Act

It is further the policy of the State of Idaho that the parents or other legal guardians of the juvenile offender participate in the accomplishment of these goals through participation in counseling and treatment designed to develop positive parenting skills and an understanding of the family’s role in the juvenile’s behavior. It is also the intent of the legislature that the parents or legal guardians of the juvenile offenders be held accountable, where appropriate, through monetary reimbursement for supervision and confinement of the juvenile offender, and restitution to the victim of the juvenile’s delinquent acts.


Gooding County Juvenile Probation is dedicated to maintaining and building partnerships throughout our community in order to provide our youth with the best resources available. Some of the relationships include those with law enforcement, schools, and treatment providers. By doing this we not only provide support for the juvenile's and their family through accountability, we also help to ensure community safety.  

Services Provided

The services provided through the juvenile probation department include:
  • Community Service
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • First-Stop Diversion Program
  • Intensive Supervision
  • Random Drug Testing
  • Youth Tracking