Is there a Tax Reduction Program?
•For those who qualify there is a property tax reduction program called the Circuit Breaker.
•What is the Property Tax Reduction Program?

The Property Tax Reduction (Circuit Breaker) program reduces property taxes* for qualified applicants. The amount of reduction is based on income for the previous calendar year. If you qualify, the property taxes on your home and up to one acre of land may be reduced by a certain dollar amount.

*Property Tax Reduction benefits will not reduce solid waste, irrigation, or other fees charged by government entities.

•Who Qualifies?
1.You must have owned and lived in a home or mobile home in Idaho that was your primary residence before April 15, of the applying year and apply between January 1 and April 15. (You may qualify if you lived in a care facility or nursing home. Contact your County Assessor for information.)
2.Had a maximum income, for the previous year (please contact your Assessor’s office to verify what the income requirement is) , and
3.Met one or more of the following status requirements as of January 1 of the applied for year:
•Age 65 or older
•Fatherless or motherless child under 18 years of age
•Former prisoner of war/hostage
•Veteran with a 10% or more service-connected disability or receiving a pension from

Veterans Affairs (VA) for a non-service-connected disability
•Disabled as recognized by the Social Security Administration, Railroad Retirement Board, or

Federal Civil Service
•How to Apply
1. Contact the Gooding County Assessor for application materials
2.Complete an application. The assessor’s office can help you.

The Gooding County Assessor can be contacted:

In Person:
145 7th Ave. East
Gooding, Idaho, 83330

By Phone:



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