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Commercial Building Permit

  1. Are there other structures on this parcel?
  2. Is structure closer than 300 feet from the Snake River Canyon Rim and or the Malad Canyon Rim? 1
  3. Is this building site within the floodplain?
  4. 1 The canyon rim(s) is that, which consists of a slope, exceeding 30% for a distance of 25’ or more. The location of the rim shall be determined before any excavation or grading preparatory to development occurs. In some areas there is more than one rim. Any encroachment or development within three hundred (300) feet from the top of the Snake River Canyon Rim(s) or the Malad Canyon Rim(s) shall require a Special Use Permit. Minimum requirements for a special use permit shall include an engineering study and a geological report. No structures shall be built within fifty (50) feet of the rim(s). (see Gooding County Zoning Ordinance No. 78).
  5. 2. Building Information
  6. Are there any classified areas?
  7. 3. Project Cost
  8. Attach an estimate of the total value of construction work for which the permit is issued including finish work, painting, roofing, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, elevators, fire extinguishing systems and other permanent equipment.
  9. 4. Fire Protection System
  10. Fire Alarm System
  11. Fire Sprinklers
  12. If yes, will sprinklers be used for:
  13. Please submit application with the following
  14. 3 Site Plans
    - Legal description and/or record of survey for the property and a vicinity map and north arrow
    - Property lines and lot dimensions and building setbacks from property lines
    - Right-­‐of-­‐way details including access, easements, utilities, drainage, wastewater, right of way to be dedicated
    - Right-­‐of-­‐way improvements, both existing and proposed
    - Fire department access
    - Fire hydrants within 1000 feet and fire line location must be shown on the site plan; a water model may be required to determine fire flow.
    - Any areas used for the storage or use of materials regulated by the IFC
    - Storm Drainage - On site retention structure design and calculations by a professional engineer
    - Grading plan including finished floor elevations, accessible route and top of curb elevations
    - Location of new and existing structures and distance between them.
    - Parking lot layout, including fully dimensioned space and aisle layout, detailed handicapped parking spaces & accessible route
  15. 3 Complete Sets of Construction Plans
    - Scale: ¼ ‘’ = 1’0”
    - Minimum paper size 18” x 24”
    - Code analysis attached to the plans
    - Special Inspections, if required - Indicate type of inspection(s) and name/contact of inspector who will perform such inspections
    - Floor plan including all exit schemes, exterior wall openings, door swings, use designations, exit signage, location of fire extinguishers, high pile storage areas (height greater than 5’9”).
    - For tenant improvements or remodels, include floor plan of the entire building. Indicate the existing occupancies of tenant spaces in contact with new tenant improvement or remodel.
    - Footing and Foundation Plan with sections showing all footing and foundation sizes, including a complete rebar schedule
    - Building elevations
    - Building sections and details, including the room finishes for ceilings, walls and floors. Also, include schedules for all windows and doors, indicating the type, size, safety glazing, and door hardware; U.L. details for fire separations. Provide fire stop material specifications along with U.L. design details. Include sections of all walls showing height and how to be built. Also show any dropped down ceilings or storage above ceilings and framing details.
    - Structural Plans: Roof framing plan, floor framing plan, header and beam schedules, strap locations, structural details, shear walls, shear wall schedule, lintels, lintel schedule and all other structural information as indicated in the calculations or required by the Building Official. Provide statement of special inspections per IBC 1704.1.1. A final report documenting required special inspections and correction of any discrepancies noted in the inspections shall be submitted at a point in time agreed upon by the permit applicant and the building official prior to the start of work.
    - Electrical Plans - Exit signage, switching diagrams, lighting schedule with fixture, bulb and ballast type, number of bulbs per fixture, and fixture wattage; exterior lighting bulb and ballast type, and type of control. Location of exit signage and emergency lighting shall coordinate with the floor plan or the reflected ceiling plan. (list and give details of any classified areas)
    - Mechanical Plans - Equipment schedule listing the make and model of the equipment and other information pertinent to compliance with IECC; duct insulation R-­‐values, mechanical system control schematic load calculations. Information regarding all fire rated penetrations, smoke dampers, fire dampers, etc. Ventilation design and calculations. Mechanical engineering plans may be required on certain projects. (Provide calculations on plans if using natural instead of mechanical ventilation)
    - Plumbing Plans - Plumbing plan, isometrics, grease/sand interceptor details, and calculations to determine actual interceptor sizing according to the requirements in the 2009 Uniform Plumbing Code with current State of Idaho amendments. Be sure to include the sewer connection location, type and location of reduced pressure backflow devices(s), gas line piping materials and calculations, water line piping layout and materials, and drain/waste/vent piping layout and materials.
    - Construction detail for all firewalls, including penetrations
    - Complete door, window, hardware, and finish schedule
    - Energy Code compliance work sheets - (Envelope, Lighting and Mechanical)
    - Handicap Accessibility Information - Define all handicapped access features for new construction per the current International Building Code, ANSI A 117.1.
    - For remodeling and tenant improvements, the area of improvement shall comply with the access requirement for new construction. An accessible route of travel will be required to the remodeled/improved area.
    - Type and location of fire extinguishers
    - Fire Protection System Plan
    - MSDS Sheets: Material Data Safety Sheets, including clearly-­‐indicated quantities and locations of chemicals and/or hazardous materials
    - Metal building drawings and calculations: metal building drawings and structural engineering calculations will be required for all pre-­‐fabricated metal buildings, including concrete footing details. Calculations must be stamped and signed by an Idaho Registered Engineer or Architect.
    - Modular buildings: Structural engineering calculations will be required for the foundation design for all modular buildings. Calculations must be stamped and signed by an Idaho Registered Engineer or Architect. Modular buildings are required to have Idaho Division of Building Safety approval.
  16. As per IBC 110.1, construction under permit shall remain accessible and exposed for inspection purposes until approved. No building or structure shall be used or occupied, and no change in the existing occupancy classification of a building or structure or portion thereof shall be made until the building official has issued a certificate of occupancy. Although plan reviews can take up to 60 days, the average time between submittal and approval/disapproval is one week. 24-­‐Hour notice is required by law for inspection requests.
  17. Please contact the building official at 208-­934-­5958 for inspection requests.
  18. Separate permits and inspections are required for Electricity, Plumbing and HVAC. Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC contractors must have valid state licenses. To request an inspection from the Idaho Division of Building Safety, please call 1-800-839-9239.
  19. No work to be done until permit is issued.
  20. Plans Designer/Architect/ Engineer
  21. I, the designer -­‐ architect or engineer -­‐ in responsible charge, hereby certify that I have read and examined the above application and checklist, and that all of the information provided and items checked are included as part of the initial permit application submittal and are true to the best of my knowledge.
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  23. Applicant/Property Owner
  24. I hereby apply for a permit to do the work stated above, and acknowledge that I have read this application and hereby certify that the above information is complete and correct and, as the applicant, I accept the responsibility to ensure that all work and materials will be in accordance with International Building Code, Idaho State law and Gooding County Ordinances, and that all required inspections are conducted prior to use or occupancy.
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